Financial Well Being SPA

Financial Well Being SPA

Tech: Vue, Vuex, Vue Router, Laravel, Git Flow

To educate their clients on money management and financial goal setting, Coast Capital Savings wanted to build a modern web application to assess a user’s cash flow in a positive manner.

My role was as Lead Vue / Vuex Developer. Because this app was being offered by a financial institution, it required we follow some pretty strict security rules. The API provided by the client was blocked from any client side requests. The Engine Team put together a Laravel backend to essentially proxy the client API using cURL / guzzle requests that could then be fetched from the frontend app.

To authenticate, we used a blend of Redis and JWT. If the JWT expired we could seamlessly renew the token, provided the app didn’t sit stagnant for more than a certain amount of time and the session was still active. This required a great deal of technical mapping to thoroughly understand and communicate how the authentication would be managed.

A user could add their own finance values, receive grades on their current situation, and review suggestions on how to help them meet their future financial goals. All data was provided from the client’s API service and was integrated using Vuex for state management.

This application is not yet live.