Data Visualization Kiosk

Data Visualization Kiosk

Tech: Javascript, Blendid, SASS

While working for Engine Digital, Google approached us for some help with a Kiosk application. With the launch of their new Google Spanner service being unveiled at the upcoming Google Next event, the client needed help designing and developing a demo to demonstrate global transactions in a real-world scenario.

The timeline was tight, so needed a quick turnaround. Working together, UX, Design and a team of Engineers, myself included, proofed out a concept to present to the Google Team. After a few rounds, a plan was solidified and the development work began.

My role was Javascript Development. We needed to be careful what tools or helpers we integrated into the environment, since the end goal was to open source the code. This meant vanilla javascript would be required.

We knew that the application would need to interface with a real-time Firebase backend. The data would be piped through very quickly. The components would need to receive and output the data without lag. In addition, each cross section of data would need to be headlined with dynamic data. And finally, during the presentation, the speaker would need the ability to interact with each node on the screen. Off stage, the same experience would need to run in a Kiosk Mode, self contained.

After several tests using a rough interval based service, we attained successful results. We were finally able to pass off the project to Google where they presented without a hitch.

Unfortunately this project isn’t a live experience.

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