Money Transfer SPA

Money Transfer SPA

Tech: Vue, Vuex, Vue Router, Tailwind, SASS, Git Flow, Mocha, Chai

The current Paycase Remit app was still in beta. This app provides a way for Canadians to send money to their families in the Philippines. Since our team was hard at work updating the brand design across all of the Paycase Properties, we knew the app would need a facelift. In addition, because we had recently completed development of a base repo that consisted of several reusable components that were already tried and tested using Vue, we elected to rebuild the app in Vue / Vuex.

My role was Lead Vue / Vuex Developer. We were working with an existing API with little to no documentation, so a lot of endpoint review was required. The largest challenge were the several statuses that either a user or a payment could be flagged with. The UI would need to handle these statuses accordingly. We setup our API using JSDoc commenting to assure documentation would be available moving forward.

The app would authenticate using a JWT service. Each token would expire after 15 minutes, so we wanted to build the app in a way to allow the user to re-authenticate without losing their current flow. Within the app, a user can manage payment methods, recipients, transfers and more. To keep each Vuex action clean and maintainable, and to avoid nested callbacks, we opted to use async and await.

Mutations and Actions were tested using Mocha and Chai. Behavioral tests were written by the Web Manager using Dusk and Postman to optimize the several different state scenarios within the application.

The app will be launching soon.